Mujer solamente en bosque





Provisional synopsis

There is nothing left after the accident. The PERSON will have to  to choose between adaptation or death. In this city recovered by the vegetation she discovers that she is not alone. Between the PERSON and the ANIMAL there is a first struggle mixed with fear and bewilderment but survival is what both have chosen.

Whose water is it? Whose land is it? Why do we press the accelerator when we are in front of a cliff? Why this war on life?

Safety is a story of survival and love.

The project

Safety is the production we planned to launch in 2020. The Covid-19 has forced us to postpone it. We are currently in the pre-production phase of the show.

Artistic file

Idea - Aina Gomis and Josep Sucarrats (Sandal Productions)

Artistic direction - Aina Gomis

Choreography direction - Marc Lapuerta Lizana

Movement Advisor - To be determined

Dramaturgy - Aina Gomis and Josep Sucarrats

Dramaturgy consultancy - Anna Roca

Dancers - Madalina Denisa Cojonaru, Júlia Matas Cirici

External views - Guillem Cirera, Anna Castells, Marc Angelet, Oriol Morales.

Musical composition - Cesc X. Mor

Scenography design and construction - Josep Sucarrats

Production -Sandal Productions



It's a dance show  street or room

Release scheduled for April 2021

+ Suitable for all audiences