Sandal Productions is a company born in 2017, dedicated to the creation, production and distribution of performing arts productions.  

As an artistic production company, we are interested in knowing the projects of all the cultural agents we work with. From here we are interested in creating quality proposals that can fit into each of these projects. We work from a creative idea and collaborate with artistic directors, set designers, illuminators, playwrights and performers who can add more value to each project.

We differentiate two lines of work. On the one hand, the productions of performing arts of various formats and for different circuits: theater for all audiences and proposals for street spaces.  

Some of our works are: Pegasus, the winged horse (theater, 2016-2018); The Enigma Dinner (since 2017); Euphoria (dance show in Geodesic Dome from 2019) or Animalia, Inc. (installation and show for outdoor spaces - Mostra Igualada, Fira Tàrrega and Mac Festival Barcelona).  

The other line of work is the direction and artistic production for events. We design and produce content for cultural events.


Companies and companies we collaborate with: La Canina, Naps & Cols, La Llarga, Cia LaSimone, Promotor Events, Sternalia Productions, Marca Condal.

Aina GomiS

Performing arts and production project management.

Graduated in Dramatic Art at the Barcelona Theater College. He is currently finishing his Degree in Communication at the UOC.

She has worked in theater pedagogy for children and young people and has been the pedagogical coordinator of the Central Theater School (Manresa) for 3 years. As a performing arts producer, she has worked with companies such as La Llarga, Cia La Simone and Naps & Cols. She currently  work as a producer and manager for the company Anna Roca and the #Safebubble project by Carles Marigó and Jaume Sangrà from Rau company.

Josep Sucarrats

Artistic direction and production commercial area

Mechanical Engineer with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. He began his career in the performing arts in 2009. Trained as an action specialist specializing in stage wrestling and horse rider (Stuntworks, Drakonia).   

In 2010 he started as an executive producer of medium and large format shows. His productions include "Coliseum. The Games of Rome" (2014, Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona), "Euphoria" (2019) and "Emotion" (2020).  In 2020 he started as a creator and artistic director with "Animalia Inc" (2020) and "YU" (2021).