The Sleepwalkers



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The Sleepwalkers

of Llàtzer Garcia

Inspired by Noël Coward's Design for living

A co-production of Punt produccions teatrals, SL, Sala La Planeta and Mithistorima productions.


The Sleepwalkers is the story of two young friends: Genius and David, to whom Laura is quickly added. A friendship of three that looked for formulas of a possible happiness in different schemes of relation. The friendship between them will be broken when love — as we understand it in our society — and jealousy — as we live it in our society — devour everything. He

playwright Llàtzer Garcia signs a play inspired by Design for Living by Noël Coward and films by Truffautt and Godard, and transforms it into a comedy that tells us about love and living life minute by minute.


"A great comedy about three-way love" - 
Santi Fondevila (Newspapers Now)

"Brilliant David Marcé, Genís Casals and Laura Pujolàs. Another bravo for Llátzer Garcia, who gives us the gift of making the text and the staging seem simple" - Marcos Ordóñez (El País)

"The interpretations are authentic, sincere, of note. Careful and splendid direction" - Oriol Osan (El Núvol)

"Let's go back to the theater. Els Somnàmbuls can be an excellent excuse" - Sergi Doria (ABC)



FORMAT - Room Show

Duration : 120 minutes

Recommended from 14 years

Language : Catalan

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Point Productions

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+34 698 823 257


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