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“Diari de Barcelona, 1888

August 16, 1888, Dr. Vinagà opens
  the doors of the Faculty of Medicine of Barcelona. These doors were those of the old College of Surgeons of Barcelona, the nerve center of modern medicine. Today, Professor Volkov, a controversial and extravagant doctor, will delight us with a lecture on hypnosis as a substitute for anesthesia in surgical interventions. Attendees, renowned doctors from Barcelona, will also enjoy a visit to the facilities and a dinner in the main hall of the faculty.

AC ”

The building where the current Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia [RAMC] is located has become an important point of medicine in Barcelona, being a College of Surgeons, then the Faculty of Medicine of Barcelona and finally, the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia. The Enigma Dinner invites them to travel to Barcelona in 1888, a time when the city welcomes modernity, and science and art play a prominent role.

From the hand of our characters, we will tell you the riddle that is hidden tonight within the walls of the Faculty. If you are attentive and observant, you can help solve it!

During the experience at the RAMC, they will have the opportunity to enjoy a welcome glass of cava, a theatrical visit to the wonderful building and a dinner worthy of the best evenings of the late nineteenth century. "


Dramaturgy: Marc Angelet

Direction: Oriol Morales i Pujolar

Performers: Laura Carbonell, Carolina Morro, Aina Gomis, Josep Sucarrats and Oreig Canela.

Co-production: Sternalia and Sandal Productions


Dramaturgy : Marc Angelet

Direction: Oriol Morales i Pujolar

Space: Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia

Every Friday from 8pm to 11pm


Sandal Productions and Sternalia

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