aura and the winged horse






Aura, is an eleven-year-old girl, who lives with her parents and grandfather in an unknown village, in a country that does not exist. One night he dreams of a winged horse that gives him a magic feather to heal his sick grandfather. The journey begins here and, before meeting in the Pegasus, he will meet Mr. Milbaker, the Alchemist and Dr. Rowens, with whom you will learn the importance of thinking and being curious. It is a journey into early adolescence, a struggle for ideals and a starting point for discovering what matter dreams are made of.

The novel on which this production is based addresses several topics but we have opted to show one of the main ones:  the power of friendship.Aura discovers that if she shares her know-how, the feeling of fullness multiplies.  Coincidentally or not, having dreamed of the Pegasus, he meets the friends he has always wanted. She helps them and they bring her something special. Aura also helps the horses and, following the circle of friendship, the animals will also help her. Other sub-themes and values are dealt with, such as the management of death, self-improvement, the struggle for ideals and the development of curiosity.

Artistic file

Idea - Aina Gomis and Josep Sucarrats (Sandal Productions)

Adaptation and dramaturgy - Sílvia Navarro

Artistic direction -Sílvia Navarro i  Aina Gomis

Movement Advisor - Clara Algaba

Performers - Iria Corominas, Carla Garcia, Pol Bastida.

Sound space - Aina Gomis

Scenography design and construction - Josep Sucarrats

Production -Sandal Productions



It's a Hall show

+ Suitable for all audiences

Released February 2017

Tour 2017-2019