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production and management


A large format production that will be released at

 Poble Espanyol in Barcelona during the Christmas 2021-22 season.




"There 's something inside me that doesn't fit. That' s not how they say it should be.

Which is not how they want it to be. Why can't I be the way I want to be? "

Accompany Ania to discover an imaginary place. Freedom and fantasy move the gears of a possible world.


A show that talks about the freedom to choose who and how we want to be.

Family show recommended from 3 years.

Duration: 45 minutes


Artistic team


Direction and dramaturgy - Josep Sucarrats

Choreography and space - Marc Lapuerta

Ass. direction and audiovisual - Maria Robledo

Dancers - Sara Esteban, Paula Aguilar, Paula Gea, Amparo Ruz,

Aina Martínez, Lucía Esteban, Inma Rodríguez

Lighting design - Tània Gumbau

Costume design - Ona Grau and Mònica Casanovas

Production - Sandal Productions