production and management


work in progress/ summer premiere 2022

Liberté wants to be a show for outdoor spaces that will combine dance, theater and large-format puppet manipulation. Music will be very important  as an active part of the dramaturgy.

The aesthetics and the staging accompany the visual impact of the puppets, life-size horses, which take us back to the land, to the roots, to nature: warm colors, work with wood, mud and sand.


"I can not live without you. I love you."


Liberté reflects on the relationships of emotional dependence we establish. Toxic relationships that lead us to reproduce acquired patterns and prevent us from moving forward. We want to talk about empathy, abuse, and how the current model of society has led us to normalize selfish and submissive behaviors.


The uniqueness of the proposal is the horse, a large-format articulated puppet, built of wood and capable of giving off great sensitivity. It is manipulated by three actors and will be accompanied in space by another performer who, through movement, dance and theater, will make the spectator travel and reflect

More information - aina@sandalproduccions.com​