The Animalia Camp

production and management

The Animalia Camp

Playground and theatre experience

Due to the massification of urban spaces, the fauna of Catalan forests has regained its space.
Will we be able to live with it?

To find a balance?

A proposal that talks about how human egocentrism has led us to the destruction of a balanced biodiversity.


We invite families to learn about and participate in the work of biologists.

We invite you to discover how we tell stories, how we do fieldwork, how we observe or how we train physical skills .  

We deal with the balance of Catalan biodiversity and fauna.  

Artistic team

Creative idea : Sandal Productions

Artistic direction : Aina Gomis

Space and games (design and construction): Josep Sucarrats

Performers : Clara Cañabate, Míriam Bartés, Adrià Sánchez, Queralt Adame, Aina Gomis.

Puppet design and construction : Josep Sucarrats

Photography:  Sergio Panizo

 Management: Aina Gomis


Gender - Playground with theatrical experience

Duration : 3 hours of installation

Recommended from 2 years

Language : catalan, spanish, english, french.

INSTAGRAM: @animalia_inc

Management and Production Tour  

Aina Gomis /

+34 698 823 257