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Sosa Cultura Carulla Scholarship from the Carulla 2020 Foundation.

The home confinement that took place from March 2020 has affected the whole of society and has brought isolation and despair to the lives of many people. Artists, who need the public to give meaning to their profession, under these circumstances have had to reformulate their way of life, as in most cases they have suffered from lack of income and demotivation to continue with their creations. #BubollaSegura is inspired by the motto #CulturaSegura, so repeated during the de-escalation, to offer a look at the experience of people in the art world in these times. But #BombollaSegura not only represents the vision of artists, but through the eyes of the isolated artist, it addresses an experience and sensations that most people may have felt.


#music #theatricalphysics #dance  

A project of  Carles Marigó i  Jaume Sangrà  with the will to want  to remember that art endures and helps us to live a little calmer, that it makes us reflect, but that it gives us the warmth we need at any historical moment like today.


#Bombolla Segura poses a closed, skeptical and distant space.

A being laden with fears, doubts, and uncertainties accesses the Bubble to confront its weaknesses. He  outside world, with the gaze of the public, allows him to begin the process of acceptance of the moment he has had to live. Within this framework, the being is progressively freed from the armor that limits and isolates it. And so, little by little, it is how he rediscovers the meaning of art, the evocative power of music and through dance he transforms the present moment into a new reality, preserving the warmth of humanity.

Artistic file

Creative idea, co-direction, dramaturgy and musical composition : Carles Marigó

Co-direction, dramaturgy and choreography : Jaume Sangrà

Interpretation: Carles Marigó and Jaume Sangrà

Scenography: Xavier Erra

Lighting design: Natàlia Ramos

Photography:  Montse Capdevila and Nadia Med

Video : Montse Capdevila and Marta Riera

Production: Aina Gomis -  Sandal Productions

Distribution and production on tour: Aina Gomis - Sandal Productions