production and management

ANIMALIA, INC. (Incorporation)

Due to the massification of urban spaces, the fauna of Catalan forests has regained its space.
Will we be able to live with it?

To find a balance?

A proposal that talks about how human egocentrism has led us to the destruction of a balanced biodiversity.

Synopsis Show

The Animalia, Inc. team arrives in town. As the biologists perform routine tasks at the Camp we see that something is making the animals worry. Can they trust these humans? Will they respect them? Balance and cooperation between species is needed to help one of them who seems to be in danger.


+ Show ANIMALIA, INC - Street Art / outdoor

+ Puppet show 

Artistic team

Creative idea : Sandal Productions

Artistic direction: Anna Roca (Cia de Teatre Anna Roca)

Assistant director : Aina Gomis

Manipulation counsel : Clara Algaba

Performers : Marçal Bayona, Iona Balsells and Josep Sucarrats

Puppet design and construction : Josep Sucarrats

Scenography and space: Josep Sucarrats

Photography:  Sergio Panizo

Video : Alba Vázquez

Production and management: Aina Gomis

We've been here...

August 2020 - Espluga de Francolí

December 2020 - Caldes d'Estrach

April, May 2021 - Poble Espanyol Barcelona


June 2021 - Sant Joan Despí

June 2021 - Lliçà de Vall

July 2021 - Parets del Vallès

August 2021 - Palau Solità i Plegamans

September 2021 - Barcelona - Àgora Infantil Les Rambles

September 2021 - FIRA TÀRREGA

September 2021 - MAC FESTIVAL - La Mercè Barcelona

Mostra Igualada 2021

Fira Tàrrega 2021

Mac Festival Barcelona 2021

Festival Fetén 2022

Mercat del Ram de Vic 2022

Viladecans al Carrer Festival 2022


GENDER - Street Show / Puppetry show

Duration : 30 minute passes / We recommend 2 passes per day

Recommended from 2 years

Language : no text

INSTAGRAM: @animalia_inc

Managemet and Production Tour  

Aina Gomis /

+34 698 823 257